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3 Tesla MR
3 Tesla MR helps cleansing the tumor with the fast images it provides in brain surgeries, as it is used for the imaging of the whole body. Thanks to the ability to obtain images while performing the surgery, the surgeon can perform examinations in a sterile environment at any point they need, without waking the patient and closing the surgical site. This means that the surgeon will get an idea of ​​the size and location of the tumor, even in hard-to-reach areas. There is no need for a second operation since the risks such as not being able to clean the residues completely, damage to functional areas, and handling the wrong areas are eliminated. Thus, the operation can be ended in one step.

Features of 3 Tesla MR
It acquires healthier data compared to the low tesla.3 With the Tesla MR device, obtaining high resolution and fast data both during and after the operation can provide healthier data to the specialist compared to the lower tesla MRs used previously. The device does this; realizes with strong magnetic field. Compared to the previously used 1.5 Tesla MR device, it works by getting more signals from the tissues by creating twice the magnetic field strength.
It works faster. It works much faster than other devices. This is especially important in brain surgeries. The image can be taken whenever the surgeon needs during the surgery, without having to wake up the patient and close the surgical site.

By evaluating the images again during the operation, the chance of success of the operation increases.
The risk of the second operation is eliminated. Various risks can arise in the operations performed without using intraoperative MR. In these surgeries; Due to the fact that it is too small to be seen with a microscope or the same color as the brain tissue, the remains cannot be detected. However, it is known that the probability of residue remains for 30-40 percent in brain tumor surgeries due to these reasons. After the operation, the patient is taken to intensive care. With the MR image taken after the patient is in the ICU for 24 hours, it is possible to make a definite decision about whether there is any residue. If a residue is detected in MR, the second surgery decision is made. Thanks to its intraoperative feature, there is no need for a second operation since the residues can be completely detected and removed during surgery.
The probability of residue in the brain drops to zero. 3 Thanks to the Tesla MR device, the probability of residue remains in the brain after the operation. Thanks to the images he obtained, all the ruins that can be overlooked are revealed. Thus, correct data is provided for the surgeon to remove these residues. One of the bad consequences of residue remains is the risk that the tumor will grow again from these residues. The growing tumor can lower the quality of life or threaten the patient's life again. There is another pleasing consequence of the complete removal of the tumor: In recurrent malignant brain tumors, the duration of recurrence is prolonged.

The operation area is determined precisely. Since the brain has a very sensitive structure, the surgeon must act with great care during the surgery. Therefore, it is important to identify the areas where the tumor, small residues and vascular anomalies are located and to perform the procedure. At this point, however, the surgeon faces another important problem. When the skull is opened, the brain is an organ that has the ability to move, albeit very slightly. Therefore, considering the MR images taken before the surgery, there is a risk of processing on the wrong area. In this case; Even a small mistake can reduce the patient's chances of treatment. With the intraoperative 3 Tesla MR device, the risk of processing on the wrong area is eliminated.
Surgery-related side effects are eliminated.It is possible to detect the functional areas of our brain such as 'speaking' and 'playing the opposite side of the body', the proximity of the fibers attached to the brain to the tumor and how much pressure it presses on the spot, during the surgery, with an intraoperative 3 Tesla MR device. possible. It can control the connection between the tumor and the fibers by pulling MR at every point needed during surgical intervention. In this way, serious risks such as paralysis of the patient or loss of speaking ability are eliminated.